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POEMSVIEW is an integrated tool for Market Intelligence Aggregation, Technical Analysis and Investment Management.

Technical Analysis Features:

Technical Charts that show Tick, intra-day, daily, weekly, monthly and continuation charts with robust  navigation and up to 15 years of historical data available dynamically
Technical Indicators – Over 30 technical indicators included in the base package
Drawing Tools with popular drawing lines and retracements
Trend Line Extension to have trend lines plotted to the future
Trend Line Magnet – Have the line of best fit for your trend line
Performance Charts for comparing markets and stocks on a single chart

Key Features:

SGX and KLSE market data streaming in live  

Integrated Desktop to see Real Time Quotes, Tick Chart and Time & Sales  on one screen
Market Filtering for scanning for securities based on fundamental and technical criteria
Queue Track for tracking all changes in the Queue throughout the day
Volume Distribution for monitoring distribution of trades done
Spread Calculator - Displays the range of profits/losses over a range of spreads and trading fees
Quick Search Function - Search for any security across all markets
Chart Hotkey Input – Key in alphabets of the symbol to load chart automatically
Customizable hotkeys to access functions even faster

Real-Time Alerts with visual and audible (with customizable sounds) time and price sent to Email  

Advance Alerts based on technical indicators, fundamental company information, or a combination of the two  
Alert Template that customize a different message for every alert  
Portfolio and Risk Management performs Real-time portfolio valuation with Profit and Loss alerts  

>> Stocks >> Rewards >> New Subscription  
>> Select your choice of the "POEMSVIEW" package  
>> Fill in the compulsory fields (esp. email) 
>> Click on “Submit New”  

MAKING PAYMENT - Subscription Policy and Terms & Conditions

Pricing (Minimum 6mths subscription)

Minimum 6 months Subscription
Reward Points
POEMSVIEW $510 11,250 points

New accounts will start 1st of every following month, and will run for 6mths.

Should a new subscriber wishes to start immediately, and does not want to wait for the 1st of the coming month, we can accede to such a request - however, his/her account will be backdated to start from the 1st of the current month and run for 6 months accordingly from that start date, pro-rating charges are regrettably not possible. 

Login/passwords will be sent to EMAIL, after payment has been received / points have been deducted.


Payment and points deduction will be upfront in full. For payment method see below.

Cancellations and refunds are not possible.

The subscriber of POEMSVIEW as a POEMS customer, agrees that the use of POEMSVIEW continues to be governed by the “Conditions Governing Phillip Securities Trading Accounts – 15 June 2004”.

PAYMENT METHOD – 2 options
1.       By Cheque
      Payable to: Phillip Securities Pte Ltd
      Please indicate on the back of the cheque:

a. Account Number & Name
b. POEMSVIEW – start now / start next month
d. Phone Number

Mail to: POEMS Marketing
            Phillip Securities Pte Ltd

            #06-00 Raffles City Tower
            250 North Bridge Road
            Singapore 179101

2.       By deduction in full from account at Phillip Securities.

      Go to STOCKS > ACCT MGMT > Online Forms
      On the Withdrawal Form, fill in:

a. Amount to be withdrawn: $510 
b. Remarks (please write): POEMSVIEW – start now / start next month ;